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Establishing a company in India takes 15 to 30 days. It depends on whether you prefer a Privacy Policy for a Website policies, disclaimer, Joint Venture Agreement, and GDPR Compliance. Every company structure in India arises from different qualities and is beneficial for various business activities. Therefore, the first thing you do is a plan and discuss your business requirements with our experts and end your suitable structure of a business.

Website Policies

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

T&C and Privacy Policies contacts remain both same; It is a legally binding agreement. The main distinction is a Privacy Policy contract exists to maintain your clients. A T&C agreement exists protecting you and your company.


Disclaimer is known as a “no responsibility” that assists in preserving your business from remaining existed liable or responsible for losses that could occur from someone applying content on your website.

Joint Venture Agreement

A group of people or organizations files a joint venture contract to venture into a partnership over a venture or a project without altering their separate legal status. The contract authorized binds both parties.

General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR]

The GDPR was a portion of the European Union’s act in 2016. Governors’ effort to modernize the rules revolving around online privacy. GDPR sets guidelines for data administration and provides rights back to the users.

Non Disclosure Agreement

An NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is described as a legal contract linking at least two parties concerning the use and exposure of certain non-public information, usually established.

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Hiring Documents

Documents may be formal or informal, allowing businesses to focus on their core business requirements and better serve their consumers.

Business Contracts

A Business Contract, also known as a Service Contract, is a written agreement between a service provider and consumer that describes the terms of a particular service within the two parties.

Service/ Vendor

A vendor service agreement is used whenever a business owner or an individual hires a person or company to provide services or goods to many different purchasers and operates in a competitive environment.

Legal Notice

A legal notice is a legal written conversation between the parties. There are various types of notice: public notice, constructive notice, implied notice, and actual notice.

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