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A trademark is a vital asset to your business, and the trademark search is a crucial preliminary tool in shielding that asset. Legaltoast’s tool is free and simple to use.

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A trademark search is a quick sweep of the trademark directory. You get the following information when you do a trademark search:

    • Who has applied for the same or similar trademark
    • The application number and the date of application
    • The class under which the application was made
    • The status of the application (approved / withdrawn / registered / objected / abandoned)


The trademark search is not a tool you use once and forget about, but a tool you want to bookmark.

Here are the causes why :

Trademark Registration If you are looking to register your Trademark, then the initial step is to do a thorough search of the existing trademark filings and applications. Here, this tool gets in handy. You can run your preliminary search to verify whether your Trademark is available or if it’s taken by someone else.

After running a basic search, you can contact Legaltoast to take care of the trademark registration for you.

We take keeping of all the critical tasks so that you don’t have to bother about analyzing the search results, recognizing the suitable class for your service/product, or making sure you are presenting your application error-free.

Protecting Your Trademark The use of a trademark search tool is not over if you have filed your Trademark. It is also essential to ensure that your trademark rights are protected. New trademark requests are submitted every day, and someone can attempt to register the same or a similar trademark as yours.

The trademark search tool assists you keep an eye out for such possibilities. When you do find someone attempting to register your Trademark or a similar one, you can object.

This can be a time-spending process for you to keep checking every now and then. So, to make it easier for you, Legaltoast gives our trademark watch service.

By trademark watch, we ensure that your benefits are defended by regularly reviewing new trademark filings and giving you real-time reports about any possible infringement.


The Trademark Search is of three types:

Word Search:

This search type determines whether a mark is similar or deceptively similar or phonetically comparable to a prior effect. Classes 1-45 have been classified according to the international classification of goods and services, and the word mark search is conducted regarding targeted goods/services.

Logo/Device Search:

This search is done according to the NCL, or the Nice Classification organized in 1957 by the Nice Agreement, which implements the international classification for registration of these marks.

Device Mark Search:

Device mark includes numeral, created, plants, celestial bodies, logos, pictures, a mixture of word and symbol, slogans, shades, sounds, and even product shapes.

According to the Vienna Codification of marks, a device mark is searched with the help of the International Classification of Symbolic Elements of Mark. When the trademark application includes a device mark or logo, the trademark office is allowed a Vienna Code. The Vienna Code is allocated according to the nature of the particular figurative element/logo in question.


      • Our search is not restricted to identical/similar word matches alone. We recognize similarities in word senses as well.
      • We design a customized trademark watch variable to suit your unique requirements.
      • You can store and analyze your watch records in our user-friendly web portal.
      • We give affordable services with volume discounts.
      • We provide up-to-date reports so that you can act quickly to protect your intellectual property.
      • We leverage state-of-the-art technology to recognize visual and phonetic similarities.


Trademark is an essential asset of any company. Its name knows any business, and protecting the name is equal to defending the business.

Protection Against Copycats

Nobody will try to copy your brand name once it is a certified trademark.

Registered Brand Is Most Valuable Asset Of The Company

Various brands in the world value their Trademark and then any other physical assets. Brand value is obtained only when the company has an exclusive right over the brand name through trademark protection.

Helps In Expansion Of Business And Growth

Trademark can be engaged, and royalty can be acquired under licensing agreement. Franc using model solely depends upon Trademark licensing and transfer.

Helps In Image Building And Credibility In Market

Consumers provide more preference to certified brands with TM tag

FAQs on Trademark Search

There are 45 classes in Trademark; in simple terms, these are 45 different business segments. These classes are broadly divided into 3 categories.
Knowing the correct trademark class under which your brand name is registered is the critical element of successful trademark registration.
The wrong classification may lead to wrong trademark applications and waste of time, money, and loss of your brand name to your competitors.

While selecting a brand name, the primary mindset shall be that "No name is good which cannot be protected."

It is good not to move ahead with a similar or closely matching name with an existing brand name.

Two-way approach while selecting a brand name:
No one should stop you from using the brand name & You should be able to prevent others from using your brand name. Come up with a freaky and crazy name, which is not used by anyone else anywhere. Coined words (mixing of two words) are highly recommended for successful brand recall and trademark registration.

Following are well-known brands that chose to mix up with a generic name of their Industry and chose to be different from regular nouns that do not stand out.

  • RedBus - this Indian bus ticketing company did it well with the color. It would be wise to listen to your trademark consultants when they say that this name is already gone.
  • Walmart - Mart is a generic word in the Retail Industry. However, it is so mixed with the founder's name that it looks unique.
  • Vodafone - The name Vodafone comes from VOice DAta Fone.
Following are popular brands that chose to be different, and no one could ever copy them due to their uniqueness.
  • Zappos - World's largest online store for shoes
  • Godaddy - World's largest domain registrant company
  • Google - World's largest search engine

Trade description means the business activity, products, or service rendered by the applicant to its customers.

In all, there are 45 classes in Trademark, in simple terms these are 45 different business segments. These classes are broadly divided into 3 categories.
Knowing the correct class of trademark under which your brand name to be registered is the key element in successful trademark registration.
Wrong classification may lead to wrong trademark application and waste of time, money and losing of your brand name to your competitors.

Trademark search means the step-wise process of checking whether the selected brand name is available for use under a particular trademark class.
Trademark search is done to verify if the title to be registered is already taken by others or is closely similar to existing trademarks in the trademark database. Proper trademark search is required in the trademark registration process.

In all, there are 45 classes in Trademark divided into three categories.
  • Manufacturing: Class 1 to 34
  • Trading: Class 35
  • Services: Class 35 to 45
Please fill in the above details and get personalized and free consulting on trademark class and trademark registration.

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