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The shop and Establishment Act registration is one of the necessary elements of all businesses which work from an establishment or shop. Shop Registration regulates the established and unorganized sector and can be acquired by filing online applications on the respective state portal.

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Shop and Establishment License


Nowadays, in India, most businesses, such as shops, restaurants, cafes, eateries, etc., are regulated and governed by the shop registration Act’s provisions. Hence, they are mandatorily required to get Shop and Establishment License. However, it shall be pertinent to consider that the State Act regulates it, and the rules and laws differ from one state to another. Moreover, this Act strives to provide decent and sufficient working conditions to the workers employed and take care of their payments, leaves, and fundamental rights.

A Shop registration License is needed when an entity or a business begins employing people as full-time workers, casual workers, contract-based, etc., to manage and control the operational requirements and ensure their rights are defended. Furthermore, it is also recognized as the Shop License informally. Therefore, the phrase “Shop and Establishment License” applies to a Document or License issued to the business, professions, trade registered, and Registration of Shop and Establishment under Act.

Who are all able to Do Shop Registration in India?

The establishments that are claimed to get Shop and Establishment License are as follows: 

    • Wholesalers or the Retailers’ shops and establishments.
    • Service Centres.
    • Store-rooms, Warehouses, and Godowns.
    • Also, any other working places.
    • Hotels.
    • Restaurants and Eateries.
    • Theatres, Amusement Parks, Entertainment, etc.


Generally, for opening a current bank account in the name of the bank’s intended business, people get registration under the Shop and Establishment Act.
Furthermore, besides opening a bank account, it is also essential to have this license, or else the inspector examining the business premises may create unnecessary difficulties for the related businessman.

Advantages Of The Shop Registration

The advantages of the Shop Registration are listed below:

    • Shop License grants  Legal Compliance  to the selective shop or enterprise.
    • It acts as a vital Registration for further registrations.
    • This license acts as business proof. Therefore, it assists in getting additional registrations in India.
    • Moreover, shops cannot open a bank account without a Shop and Establishment License. Therefore, a Shop and Establishment License is compulsory for opening a bank account in the shop or enterprise name.
    • Shop License assists in increasing investments by way of Venture Capitals or Loans for the advanced business enterprise.


The required documents for the Registration under Shop and Establishment Act are listed below:

    • Worker’s identity proof in the form Aadhar Card, PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card, Driving License, Voter ID.
    • Employer’s passport-sized photograph.
    • Photo of the Enterprise or Shop.
    • A Hard Copy of the Rent Agreement or Lease Deed is required in case of the rented property.
    • Any Utility Bill in the form of Water Tax, Electricity Bill, Receipt of the working premises. Moreover, the said utility bill should not be two months older. 

Other papers required as per the concerned business or enterprise:

    • Partnership agreement with all the important information about the firm’s name, name, and signature of all the partners and each partner’s share percentage.
    • No-Objection Certificate (NOC) assigned by the Police Department for the opening of a Cybercafe.
    • A Resolution regarding the commencement of the society’s business.
    • In a Co-operative Society, a listing of some Members and Chairman.
    • A copy of the COI (Certificate of Incorporation) gave under the Companies Act, 2013.
    • Excise License required for the beginning of a bar & restaurant or wine shop.
    • A Certificate provided by the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to the Share Broker.
    • A hard copy of the COR (Certificate of Registration) offered by the Charity Commissioner.
    • NOC (No-Objection Certificate) allotted by the Municipal Corporation to open a Powder and Masala Mill.
    • A Resolution is showing the list of Designated Directors.
    • RTO Transportation Permit.
    • A hard copy of the permission granted by the collector.
    • FSSAI  license.
    • MOA (Memorandum of Association).
    • Import Export Code  (IEC)  certificate.
    • Drug license.
    • When it comes to the Trust, a list of the number of Trustees.
    • A copy of the endorsement was granted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
    • The permit was issued by the Police Department for the opening of Security Services.


The Process for Getting a Shop Registration License is explained here:

    • Download the Application Form: firstly, one needs to download the application form for registration on the respective state’s official website in which the shop or Establishment is settled.
    • Fill in the required details: Next step is to fill in all necessary information which is asked. The term essential elements include the following listed:
    1. Name of the Proposed Shop and Establishment.
    2. Name and Details of the concerned employer.
    3. Name and Details of all the Workers working at that time.
    4. Address proof of the Registered Establishment and the NOC (No-Objection Certificate) or the Rent Agreement only when the place is rented.
    5. PAN card details of the concerned employer.
    • Please submit the Application Form: Once the Owner or the employer has fills all the essential details precisely, the next step is, he or she requires to submit the declared application form to the Chief Inspector or the Inspector in charge of the Shop and Establishment Act along with a decided amount of fees.
    • Verify the submitted application: After applying the required documents, Higher authorities will check and verify them.
    • Issuance of License: If all the documents submitted and the applications follow the said Act requirements, then a Registration certificate shall be allotted to the recommended shop registration.

Note : However, obtaining shop registration might take around 15 to 20 working days in the central city areas. But, the same may differ from one state to another state.


The things that need to be taken into consideration while applying for the Shop and Establishment Registration are as follows:

    • Despite the Shop and Establishment License, the proposed business owner is also required to get prior approval from the particular state Department of Labour to commence the business activities in that state.
    • The license allotted must be appropriately renewed before its expiry date.
    • The business owner must display the Shop and Establishment Registration certificate at a place easily accessible on the particular premises.
    • If the Owner wants to close his business, he must inform the inspector in writing about the closure within 15 days of the closing.
    • The inspector selected can visit the registered premises for confirmation.

FAQs for Shop and Establishment License

Every Indian state has passed specific rules and regulations concerning working conditions. Further, this Act's main objective is to secure uniform benefits and privileges for the employees working in different establishments, starting from the shops, commercial establishments, and residential hotels to theatres, restaurants, and other public entertainment places amusement.

The Validity Period of the Shop License is for one year, and the same can be renewed each year. But, the rules and regulations concerning renewal vary from one state to another state.

No, the term "Factory" is not covered under the Shop and Establishment Act's ambit.

Yes, almost all the shops and establishments must obtain a shop and establishment license under the particular state shop and establishment act.

The following listed are the records that are to be maintained and kept under the Shop Registration Act:

  1. A register containing the details of employment
  2. Any Fines imposed along with the reason to do so
  3. Any deductions from the salary
  4. Advances issued
  5. Salary Details
  6. Holidays awarded

According to the Shop and Establishment Act, the term "Commercial Establishment" means:

  1. Any commercial sector, such as the trading, banking, or insurance establishments.
  2. Any establishment wherein individuals are employed or engaged either to do office work or to provide service.
  3. The hotels, eateries, and boarding houses, or a more petite café or a refreshment house.
  4. An Amusement and entertainment places like theatres and cinema halls or amusement parks

Yes, it is obligatory for every business under the Shop and Establishment to take prior approval from the labor department before commencing its business operations.

All the files concerning annual holidays and the number of employees are required to be submitted to the Municipal Corporation Office every year.

Every Shop and Establishment is mandatorily required to register under this Act within 30 days starting from the commencement date.

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A factory is a place that a company has organized explicitly to create and produce goods marketed by that company. In Contrast, the term establishment includes hotels, restaurants, theatres, and other amusement parks. Moreover, a factory can be granted an establishment. However, an establishment may not necessarily be considered a factory.

As per the Shop and Establishment Act, the term establishment comprises hotels, restaurants, theatres, and other amusement parks. A Shop is a spot where you can retail goods and provide services to its customers—for example, offices, warehouses, or storerooms.

Regardless of the number of employees working, all the shops need to obtain this license if applicable.

Yes, the registration document dispensed under this Act is liable to be renewed.

The forfeits imposed for not getting a Shop License vary from State to State.

Yes, the shops or Establishments must get registration under the Shop and Establishment Act.

Yes, the shops or Establishments must get registration under the Shop and Establishment Act.

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