Register a company in the USA is quite a complicated but interesting proposal. Get a US Visa for work, an EIN (Employer Identification Number), and open a bank account there to start your private business.

To avail our services, we charge 499/- as an advance or security payment.

US Incorporation

Overview on Register A Company In USA

For Indian companies looking to start or have a non-residential Indian consumer demand, there is a high chance to experience the several benefits of USA corporate registration, one of the several common ways to start a company.

Register a company in USA is now easier than ever because the United States of America has a multicultural population with many English-talking people; it is mainly open to foreign companies due to its diversity. Governing as the world’s top superpower with an economy that is fourteen times larger than India, it provides one of the most helpful lawns for Indian businesses to flourish quickly.

Therefore, as a non-residential pursuing USA Incorporation, one must follow all the regular USA company rules just like a resident, with just a few additional steps.

WHY Register A Company In USA is Beneficial?

As company laws and controls are well-formed and corporate income tax rates are low, it is very favorable for foreign businesses to grow efficiently. Every state in the US has been governed by its state laws and regulators vastly differently. If your Company is mainly dependent on one particular state and its demand for your services, it is wise to Include your Company for getting a Foreign Qualification Certificate. 

But, Delaware, Wyoming, and Nevada, in particular, provide the most complimenting Company and taxation laws, which makes it mainstream for companies to incorporate. In particular, Delaware is supposed to have no state sales tax, and the state’s license tax for small USA companies is very insufficient. Additionally, no need for non-residents to pay separate corporate income tax in Delaware.


    • Business Name
    • Business Type
    • Registered Company physical US address
    • Registered Agent:(Y/N) (This has to be store for, if you have another address, please mention)
    • Name of a business associate(s)
    • Addresses of a business associate(s)
    • Ownership: (%)


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Yes, A company pursuing US Association has no responsibility to have its headquarters in Delaware or to have any business transactions there.

As any good support would suggest, it is always better to have a Corporate Authorization from the bank, government agency, or some contracting companies, or during the signature of specific agreements or official certificates. legaltoast can help you get a Corporate seal. You have to submit all the required documents, and you will make your seal.

No, not necessarily. Legaltoast assists with many professionals (lawyers, domain experts, and others) during the USA Incorporation process and at a very consistent cost. For more information, get in touch with our certified experts.

To start a corporate bank account for your Company, you will require to produce Articles of Incorporation, Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number), operating agreement, USA business A copy of Passport, A Letter of Good Standing. Our legal consultant will give you expert guidance free of cost; regarding more information, please contact us.

Generally, it is a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC).

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