Register a Company in Hong kong

Register a Company in Hong Kong is an excellent choice for start-up. It offers state-of-art business infrastructure. In addition, a foreigner can be both the sole director and the shareholder and own up to 100% of the business.
To avail of our services, we charge 499/- as an advance or security payment.

Hong Kong Incorporation


Hong Kong is one of the most productive markets in the world. The organizations working or incorporating in Hong Kong are doing exceptionally well. Hong Kong Company Formation is relatively easy and inexpensive. One can simply apply for Company Registration in Hong Kong by a third party without even the appearance of the owner or directors.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most popular type of business in Hong Kong. The Limited Liability Company has a separate legal existence, and the responsibility of its owners is also limited. However, after the company’s incorporation, one can easily bank account at a known worldwide bank, which benefits Hong Kong as a leading banking center.

Any person who is above 18 can set up a company in Hong Kong. The online process for Company Registration in Hong Kong takes a minimum of 5-7 working days.


      • Hong Kong’s commercial system is open and market-oriented with extremely little government intervention.
      • Offshore business ventures are 100% tax-free. Taxes would be applied only on the profits obtained by the company in Hong Kong.
      • The process is quite simple to Register a Company in Hong kong. A local person does not have to be a shareholder or director of the company.
      • No capital investment is required for the incorporation of a company. The shareholder is only obligated to sign M & A (mergers and acquisitions) and declare that he will contribute to the company’s capital; there is no mandatory requirement to pay any money.
      • It is easy to open an offshore bank account in Hong Kong for a foreign national. The investor must provide his passport, address proof, and company incorporation certificates post which a multi-currency account is easily opened in a few days.



Anyone above the age of 18 who has a clean police record can become a company director. Director does not have to be a citizen of Hong Kong, indeed.

Company name:

It is necessary to take approval for the company name before organizing the company.


A company can hold a maximum of 50 shareholders. They don’t need to be local citizens. Also, a director or shareholder can be the same or other persons. Meetings can be arranged at any place of a director or shareholder preference.

Company Secretary:

Appointing a company secretary is mandatory in hong kong organizations. A member of a director or shareholders can’t be a company secretary of an organization. The company secretary is liable for keeping the legal records and books of the company.

Share Capital:

In Hong Kong, there is no provision for minimum share capital. What is essential is that a company should have at least one shareholder.


To set up company in Hong Kong, you need the following documents.

A copy of the AoA for the company.

An entire incorporation form that covers the following:

    • Company name (3 recommended company names either in English or Chinese)
    • Address of the company
    • Classification of business activities
    • Details of directors, shareholders, and company secretary
    • Liability of members
    • Share capital registered on incorporation
    • Number of shares taken up by subscribers

For non-resident shareholders and directors:

    • Proof of passport, overseas residential address proof

For resident shareholders and directors:

    • Proof of Hong Kong identity card
    • Proof of residential address

For corporate shareholders and directors:

    • Copy of parent company certification documents such as Declaration of Incorporation and AoA.

PROCEDURE FOR Register a Company in Hong Kong

Make Enquiry

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Make a partial payment (Rs.499)

Submit your document

Get your Hong Kong Incorporation

Note: After completing the process, you have to make the whole payment of the amount. 

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FAQS ON Register a Company in Hong kong

Starting any business in any Asia country will be immensely more accessible with Hong Kong companies.

Thanks to Hong Kong's British history, Hong Kong is a business-friendly country with an open, internationally-minded atmosphere.

The English language opens this country to the rest of the world. Many companies are attended by this advantage and launch their operations from this country to Asia.

In Hong Kong, permissions or authorizations are needed for an employment agency, event-related activities, travel agency, education, restaurant, and retail shop, if the business is operated in Hong Kong.
A license is necessary for a Hong Kong-based business with an assurance agency and financial services, although where you run the business.

Register a Company in Hong Kong can be done online with a licensed service provider like legaltoast. You can have the digital corporate certificates after a single day of filing.

Yes, all companies filed in Hong Kong must have a local address. It works on all legal certificates. If you don't have an office address, use our service. We manage your incoming letters, scan and store them in your account, so you have easy access to all your certificates.

Every Hong Kong company must have a company secretary. This company secretary is responsible for holding your paperwork in order, making sure all changes on the company are processed correctly, on time, and in consent with the local law. This role can be performed by a person or a corporation, recognized as a body corporate.

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