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A property management agreement is a deal between a property owner and the enterprise or a person appointed to manage the property. This contract includes all of the responsibilities that a management company is taking on for the owner. Property Title Verification, Property Registration, Succession Certificate, Legal Heir Certificate, Will Drafting & Registration, Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Residential Rental Agreement, Relinquishment Deed, Will Probate, RERA Complaint, and Mortgage Deed. Therefore, the first thing you do is a plan and discuss your requirements with our experts and end your suitable structure.


Property Title Verification

The property title is the prime concern for everyone who buys a property. Every property has a title, and it is evidence of the correct ownership.

Property Registration

While buying and selling the property, many people tend to skip a fundamental but crucial aspect. As people are not familiar with Registration.

Succession Certificate

A succession certificate is provided to the successor of a deceased person who has not served a will to establish the successor's authenticity.

Legal Heir Certificate

In case of a family member's sudden death, must obtain a legal heir certificate for selling the assets of the dead to his/her legal heirs.

Will Drafting & Registration

A Will is a person's legal declaration on a document seeing his assets' distribution after his death. It is a single document that takes influence upon a person's death.

Sale Deed

A sale deed, also known as the concluding deed or transfer deed, is an instrument in writing that legally transfers a property's ownership rights from one person to another.

Gift Deed

A gift deed is a protocol used when a person wants to gift his property or money to someone else. It can be a moveable or stable property gifted intentionally, from the donor to the donee.

Residential Rental Agreement

A rent agreement is a legal document known as a deal between the landlord and the renter for a fixed period, containing the pre-discussed standards and requirements.

Relinquishment Deed

If the two brothers decide to give up their power over the property without compensation. A relinquishment deed would need to be drafted and filed to formalize the process.

Will Probate

'Probate' means the copy of Will, certified under the seal of the competent court jurisdiction, with the grant of administration to the domain of the testator. The person who makes a Will declares his wishes.

RERA Complaint

The RERA Act arrived into impact on 1st May 2016. Section 31 can file a complaint with the RERA over a housing conflict.The home buyers usually get scammed by the authors.

Mortgage Deed

A Mortgage loan or property loan can be defined as the transfer of interests in a particular property to ensure the loan is advanced or advanced in the future.

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Change & Corrections

A name change/Corrections is a common thing. Many people change name, gender, and religion for several purposes. Some people change it for Goodluck, or some for weddings, etc.

Legal Disputes

Legal disputes include any dispute in which legal claims are made. Many legal disputes are nevermore disputed but impact the parties, such as sending cease and desist letters.


Marriage is described variously by different existences based on cultural, religious, and personal factors. The registration is done under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.


Divorce usually involves the canceling or reorganizing marriage's legal obligations and duties, therefore ending the bonds of marriage between a married couple under the rule of law of the particular country or state.

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