Producer Company Registration

A Company that is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for agricultural production and processing activities is called a Producer Company. It comprises a committee of a minimum of 10 people and two institutions.

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Producer Company

Overview of Producer Company Registration

The Companies Act, 2013 introduced the concept of a Producer Company Registration in India. It allows those who work in the production sector (what has been grown or produced, particularly in farming) to organise a corporation. Ten or more producers (those involved in or involved in activities linked to producing or growth), two or more producer institutions, or a combination of ten or more producers and producer institutions can constitute a producer firm.

Only equity capital is allowed, and the business must have five directors and Rs. 5 lakh in authorised capital. Founding a Producer company follows the same steps as forming a private limited company.


The benefits affixed with the registration of Producer Company is summarised below:

    • Producer Company holds the status of a separate legal entity.
    • The liability of members and production company is the limited term of the unpaid amount on subscribed shares.
    • Producer Company gives higher credibility to its members as compared to any unregistered organization of agriculturalists.
    • Producer Company is giving the benefit of easy management. And in case the stated company needs to change in its Board of control, the same can be informed to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) just by filling simple forms.
    • A certified producer company can get or sell property in its name.
    • A producer company can accept deposits or give the farmers loans at a fair interest rate.
    • A producer company is qualified to accept deposits in Fixed Deposits (FD) or Recurring Deposits (RD).


The documents that are required for getting Registration of Producer Company are listed below:

From All The Directors And Shareholders

    • Proof of PAN Card, Voter ID Card, Passport
    • Proof of the Latest Bank Statement
    • Proof of the Telephone Bill or Mobile Bill
    • Passport-sized photos of all the Directors and Shareholders 

For The Proposed Registered Office

    • Proof of any Utility Bill, but it should not be older than two months.
    • Scanned Proof of the Rent Agreement with the No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the actual owner.
    • If the said property is owned, then the ownership documents or the sale agreement are the same.

Procedure for producer company registration

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Submit your document

Work Complete

Note: After completing the process, you have to make the whole payment of the amount. 

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FAQs for Producer Company Registration

After getting the prior approval of directors, a member of a Producer Company is eligible to transfer shares together with the special rights (if in case any).

A minimum of five directors are required to organize a Producer Company.

Rs 5 Lakhs are needed as Minimum Capital to register a Producer Company.

No, there is no necessary for you to be present to register a Producer Company as the registration process is done online. And you want to provide the required documents as needed in the portal.

The members of a Producer Company are asked to nominate a person in a prescribed manner within three months of becoming a member of a Producer Company.


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