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Private Limited Company

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private limited company registration

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private limited company registration

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private limited company registration

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private limited company registration

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Online Private Limited Company Registration in India - An Overview

One of the most widely advised ways to establish a business in India is to register a private limited company. This type of business has special ownership limitations that minimize the responsibility of its stockholders. The business is owned and operated by the partners in an LLP. Whereas in private limited company registration, directors may be different from stockholders.
Your best legal advisor, legaltoast, offers a quick registration for private limited company. You can find how to file your business here.
We handle all legal processes and ensure that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ requirements are met. You will get a Certificate of Incorporation (CoI), as well as your PAN and TAN after the business filing process has been approved. You may now create a current bank account and start running your business.

Please fill out our simple forms to tell us more about your business.

CHECKLIST FOR Private Limited Registration

The Company Act 2003 says that for any company to get registered in India, the below-given conditions must be satisfied.

Two Directors:

A minimum of two directors are required for each private limited company registration, with a maximum of fifteen allowed. At least one of the directors allowed to participate in the business must be a permanent Indian resident.

Unique Name: 

The name of your company must be unique. It must also be distinct from any existing Indian businesses or trademarks.

Minimum Capital Contribution:

A business must have at least Rs.1 lakh in sanctioned capital.

Registered Office:

It is not required for a company’s registered office to be a commercial location. If you obtain a letter of authorization from your landlord, you can even use your leased house as your registered office.

DETAILED REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR Private Limited Registration Online

PROCESS FOR Private Limited Registration Online

STEP-1: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Application.

PROCESS FOR Private Limited Registration Online

STEP-2: Director Identification Number(DIN) Application. 

PROCESS FOR Private Limited Registration Online

STEP-3: Application for name availability. 

PROCESS FOR Private Limited Registration Online

STEP-4: To register a private limited company, you must file MOU and AOA. 

PROCESS FOR Private Limited Registration Online

STEP-5: Get the company’s PAN and TAN numbers. 

PROCESS FOR Private Limited Registration Online

STEP-6: Get the certificate of incorporation issued by RoC with PAN and TAN.

PROCESS FOR Private Limited Registration Online

STEP-7: Open the company’s official current bank account.

Company registration in India requires the following documents:

Shareholders and directors’ PAN cards are required to be carried at all times.
A valid passport is required for foreign nationals.

shareholders and directors must provide Aadhar card and voter ID/passport/driving licence as proof of identity


Directors and shareholders must provide their current phone, electricity or bank account statements.

Shareholders and Directors’ most recent passport-sized photos.


The most recent electric/telephone bill for the registered office address is required.

The owner(s) of the registered office must sign a No Objection Certificate.

If applicable, a copy of the lease agreement for the registered office should be included.

Apostille or notarize documents of directors who are non-resident Indians or foreign nationals.


There are many benefits to registering a company. A registered company makes it sound and increases the authenticity of your business.

private limited company registration

Our Packages


  • All expenses and Government fee
  • 2 Director Identification Numbers (DIN)
  • 2 Class III Digital Signatures (DSC )
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Number
  • TAN Number
  • MOA and AOA Drafting
  • Company Identification Number
  • Name Approval with Spice+
  • Addition cost of Rs. 2000/- for per Class III DSC in case there are more than 2 applicant


  • All Inclusions from Small Package
  • MSME Registration
  • INC-20A filing
  • First Auditor Appointment Resolution
  • Bank Account Opening Resolution
  • Employment offer letter
  • Employment Contract
  • Appointment Letter
  • Website Policy
  • Disclaimer Policy
  • NDA


  • All Inclusions from Medium Package
  • Accounting up to 250 entries in entire FY
  • Annual Compliance filing with MCA for a year
  • ADT-1 Filing for First year
  • ITR filing for first year
  • Tax Return filing (up to 100 Invoices per month) for 12 months
  • DIR-3 KYC for 2 DIN holders

SEARCH A COMPANY BEFORE REGISter your pvt ltd company

It is essential that the company name you have chosen for your company is unique and has no copyright issued on it, and there is no other company existing with a similar name. We can drive a company name search to check the availability of the particular name in India against the MCA and trademark database.

We suggest you come up with three to four name options in the approval stage of Pvt Ltd company registration in India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs will approve the name based on the availability rules and regulations.

If your preferred name is already taken, do remember that it’s not necessary that your company’s name has to be your brand name. Despite this, if you’re moving to trademark your brand name, you need to check if it has already been trademarked And if it has already been trademarked, then you need a no-objection certificate (NOC) from its owner to get it approved as your company’s name.

FAQs on private limited company registration

No, forming a new business is a completely online process. You would not need to be physically there because all files are filed electronically. All of the needed paperwork and forms must be digitised and sent to us.

If you have all of the relevant files, it will take no more than 15 days. This, however, is subject on the registrar's workload.

Applicants should follow a few name rules, according to the Registrar of Companies (RoC) in India. Because a lot of them are subjective, approval may be conditional on the officer's opinion on how your programme should be handled.
On the other side, the more you stick to the regulations, the higher your chances of getting approved. First and foremost, make certain that your name is available.

All directors must submit proof of address and identification, as well as a copy of their PAN card (for Indian citizens) and passport (foreign nationals). The owner of the registered office premises must file a no-objection certificate.

The DSC is an electronic chin issued by certifying authorities (TCS and n-Code are two of them) by which you'll be able to sign digital documents. As all files needed are electronic, every partner needs a DSC.
files needed are electronic, every partner needs a DSC.

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