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Authors, playwrights, musicians, and artists have a legal claim to their work, known as copyright. This benefit is also extended to film and music producers. When a company applies for online copyright, it receives exclusive rights to reproduce, replicate, and distribute the work. For the same aim, they can also assign authority to another entity. It is critical to register your copyright since it identifies you as the legal owner of the work’s rights. You will then have entire control over the works’ public communication, reproduction rights, and any adaptations or translations.

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A trademark is a type of intellectual business consisting of a recognizable symbol, pattern, or expression that recognizes goods or services. A trademark identifies a product as referring to a specific company and acknowledges the Company's ownership of the brand.


A patent is the granting of a business right by a sovereign authority to an inventor. A patent gives the inventor private rights to the patented method, design, or creativity for a specific period in exchange for complete invention disclosure.


Copyright is an owner's exclusive right to make copies of creative work, usually for a limited time. The right to say how others can use it, Copyright laws make it easier for artists to make money by selling their works. With copyright, art can only be copied if the owner approves.

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