Netherlands Company Registration

There is an efficiency of performing enterprise in the Netherlands. Pick a business structure, trade title, and register as an organization for social safety and payroll taxes. Recognize environmental management and fire security terms also while fixing up a company there.

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Netherland Incorporation

How To Incorporate A Business In Netherland?

Step 1

We discuss all your queries about Company Incorporation in the Netherlands.

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We assist you in getting the complete process of filing and certification completed.

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We assist you with the post-registration formalities and compliances.


Netherlands forms the Western territory in the European Union (EU). Therefore, there are a lot of business activities which ensue in this country. Another added advantage is that this country has different treaties and bilateral agreements with other member states. Hence investors go through the process of Netherlands company registration.
When it originates from the ease of doing business, Netherlands is ranked 24th in the world. This statistics is as per data given by the World Bank. The Netherlands offers world-class infrastructure and transportation facilities that attract more investors to fund businesses.
According to the global transparency list, Netherlands is ranked as the eighth least corrupted country in the world. Hence different investors would want to go through the process of Netherlands company Incorporation.


Incorporating a company in Holland gives the following advantages:

    • The lowest corporate income tax rate in the European Union, which the current rate at 19% for income up to € 200,000 [going up to 25% for higher-income brackets].
    • The tax rates will be reduced further – for this lowest income bracket, to 16.5% in 2020 and 15% in 2021.
    • No value-added tax (VAT) for transactions between the member states of the European Union;
    • The Netherlands has the most significant number of treaties for double tax avoidance worldwide;
    • The Netherlands is also among the originating members of the EU;
    • 93% of the native people speak English; many are also proficient in German and French;
    • Highly trained labor force (3rd in the global top for education level);
    • Outstanding international business atmosphere;
    • The country welcomes foreign entrepreneurs and investors: from small enterprises to multinational companies included in the Fortune 500 list;
    • The Netherlands attracts global companies from all sectors with stable legislation and politics, coupled with excellent international relations.


This is the process for Netherlands company Incorporation for immigrants:

Who Can Set up a company in Netherlands?

You can register the business in the Commercial Register if you are:

    • A director of the company;
    • A manager of the Dutch branch and have a power of attorney-at-law confirming that you are the manager. That power of lawyer must be in Dutch with the authentic signatures of the director. You are also obligated to register as a manager.


The following forms have to be filed for Netherlands company registration.

The certificates you must have to use for filing are:

Form 6: Certification of a non-resident legal existence

Form 11: Certification of an administrator of a legal existence

Form 13: Registration of an authorized agent business agent The English-language forms can be used for regular details. Free-form texts such as activities, etc., must eternally be said in Dutch or English with a translation.


Following are the certificates that must be submitted in any of the languages Dutch, English, German or French:

    • Confirmation of registration of company from the country where it was founded (no older than one month);
    • Certified copy of the Memorandum of Association;
    • Certified copy of the Articles of Association;
    • Certificate of incumbency, which shows the elected Board of Directors.

FAQs on Company Incorporation In Netherland

Yes, a resident of any nation can combine a company in Holland.

Yes, your business requires a registered address in Holland. You also have the benefit of establishing a representative office or a branch of an international company.

The entity preferred by most foreign investors is the private limited company (BV). Other popular types are the foundation (Stichting) and the public company (NV). You can also register a combined entity, a solitary proprietorship, or a partnership.

Limited organizations are no longer required to maintain the least capital. Instead, public organizations are needed to have a minimum of EUR 45 000 in shares.

On average, it will take 3 to 5 working days to start a business in the Netherlands.

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