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The process of changing your name might be difficult and time-consuming, but we’ve simplified the process into small steps!

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Name Change

How Does Name Change Service Work?

Step 1

Information Collection
We gather all of the necessary information.

Step 2

Document Collection
Executive will share the document list & ask you to submit the required documents.

Step 3

Application Process
Executive will share the document list & ask you to submit the required documents.

Name Change in India - An Overview

Changing your name is now normal and easy in India than anywhere else in the world. In India, the procedure is not as difficult as one may expect. There might be a variety of reasons for such a relocation. When a woman marries, she takes her husband’s surname. There might be a variety of additional factors, such as astrology, greater appropriateness, shortening lengthy names, and so on. Even though it appears to be a lengthy process, changing your name is actually pretty straightforward with Legaltoast.

Name Change procedure in India - A detailed process

Creating the Name Change Affidavit
The first step is to select a new name. Once the name is shortlisted, the next step would be to make a Name Change Affidavit that is best done with the help of a lawyer. An affidavit has to be made on a stamp paper. The affidavit must have details of your old name, new name, the reason for the name change (marriage, legal, numerological, etc) and the address. The name change affidavit has to be signed by two witnesses and gazetted officer rank along with their stamp.

Placing Advertisement
An advertisement in a national newspaper has to be made. Married women changing their name after marriage should write in their husband’s name and address in the notification.

Gazette Procedure
After an initial name change application is submitted, your name has to be published in the National Gazette. We will track the publication on a daily basis. Once the publication is done, we will send you the Gazette copy with the details of the publication page.

Preparing the name change affidavit in India

In case you wish to apply for a job, visa, passport, or any other related reasons, you will have to offer verification for your citizenship, name, and address. Hence, if you had recently changed your name, an affidavit about your name change is the most vital proof about your identity. We offer you various types of affidavit formats online.

The affidavit is the most important document in a name change application. It is a legal document that has to be filled on a stamp paper of Rs.10 or Rs. 20. The document must also be signed by a notary public, generally, most lawyers are notary public servants.

An affidavit can be of many types. Some of them are:

Change of name affidavit
This affidavit form requires you to fill in your old name or maiden name, new name, current address, age and the reason for the change in name.

Newspaper Publication & Publication in Gazette of India are mandatory for Change of Name affidavit –

Affidavit for Change Of Name after marriage
This affidavit is used for those who want to change their names after marriage. Along with a filled up form, a copy of the marriage certificate and photographs of yourself and your spouse need to be submitted.

Affidavit for change of name on the passport
The affidavit is used in cases of change of name on a passport due to spelling mistakes or change in surname after marriage. The procedure is the same as a change of name.

Affidavit for Change Of Name for minors
This affidavit needs to be filled in cases of change of name in minors. The affidavit needs to be presented by the parents or guardians. The other procedures remain the same.


    • An affidavit on stamp paper with a minimum value of Rs.10.
    • The name change advertising as it appeared in the newspaper at the time. A printed version of the necessary performance, signed by the applicant and two witnesses.
    • Two passport-size pictures are required.
    • Photocopies of valid identification documents ( PAN card, Aadhaar card or passport)
    • A CD containing a soft copy of the application in .docx format that has been completely filled out.
    • A letter attesting to the accuracy of the information contained in the application’s hard and soft copies.
    • A letter of request to the authorities, accompanied with the registration cost.

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FAQs on Online Company Registration

Yes, married women can change their names in the same way as unmarried women may. Married ladies merely need to provide some additional information, such as:

    • The father's name and address are included in the old name.
    • A new name that includes the name and address of the spouse.
    • The wedding date is..

You must supply the following information for our skilled attorneys to draught your name change affidavit:

    • both the old and new names
    • current location
    • The reason for the name change is because (astrology, numerology, marriage, etc).

You cannot sue her unless she impersonates someone else or uses a name that is not her real name. The Court issues an order granting the official right to change one's name. There may be a cause of action if your ex-wife is defaming or criticizing you.

According to the "Common Law Rule," you can alter your name without going to court.

You can technically begin using your chosen name and then do so officially. However, there are several advantages to officially changing your name through the courts.

Changing your name might take up to a month (more or less).


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