Marriage Registration

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Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration

A marriage registration certificate is a legal document that certifies the union of two persons. Marriages in India can be registered under either the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954. A marriage registration document serves as legal proof of a couple’s marriage in both sorts of marriages. For the sake of maintaining women’s rights, the Supreme Court made marriage registration mandatory in 2006. Obtaining a marriage registration certificate after a marriage might therefore provide several advantages.


The registration of a marriage necessitates a large amount of paperwork. Some of the forms are included below, and both parties must submit them.

Below are some of the forms that must be completed by both parties.

    • – Both the to-be husband and the to-be wife signed the application form.
    • – Identification, such as a voter ID, ration card, passport, or driver’s license.
    • – Proof of both parties’ dates of birth.
    • – Two passport-sized photos  
    • – One photograph of a wedding.
    • – Separate Marriage Affidavits from the husband and wife in the specified format.
    • — In view of the new rules, the Aadhaar Card (however, this is not mandatory).

Note: All of the documents listed above must be self-attested.

    • – Marriage Invitation Card



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all participants will be expected to attend a personal meeting at SRO after completing the draught. The registrar may ask several questions to verify their identity.

Although you will be getting married on your own consent in the presence of the marriage officer, you will need to have at least three witnesses at the ceremony.
Yes, the marriage officer gives a period of 30 days for anyone to object. However, the reasons should be logical and valid under Chapter II, Section 4 of the marriage act.
Yes, you do need to keep a signed copy of the marriage certificate as this document proves that you are legally married to your partner. It is the conclusive evidence of the Court Marriage.
If you or your partner are of the opposite sex and of legal age, you can marry anyone you want. However, the procedures are a bit different. Your lawyers will explain the process and formalities needed to marry a foreign national.

The number of marriages between individuals of various religions is rising on a daily basis as a new generation searches outside their faith. If a husband or wife changes to a different faith and adopts their spouse's religion, they must show proof of their conversion. The marriage is registered under the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

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