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Establishing a company in India takes 15 to 30 days. It depends on whether you prefer a Share Purchase Agreement, Shareholders' Agreement, Term Sheet Review, and Founders Agreement. Every company structure in India arises from different qualities and is beneficial for various business activities. Therefore, the first thing you do is a plan and discuss your business requirements with our experts and end your suitable structure of a business.

Legal Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement

The share purchase contract is a legal agreement between a seller and a buyer. They may be related to the vendor and purchaser in the agreement. The specific number of shares in the online agreement registration is fixed at a price. This online agreement confirms that the sale and its terms are held accepted mutually.

Shareholders' Agreement

A shareholders' contract is an arrangement among a company's shareholders that illustrates how the company should be conducted and plans shareholders' rights and responsibilities. The shareholders' online agreement is meant to confirm that shareholders are treated fairly, and their rights are preserved relatively.

Term Sheet Review

The term sheet is a written document that combines the essential terms and conditions of a deal. The document abstracts both parties' online agreements' critical points before actually performing the legal agreements and starting with time-consuming due diligence.

Founders Agreement

A Founders' online Agreement is an official agreement signed between all the firm's co-founders. This document states all the constraints, ownership, and initial investments contributed by each of its founders. It is recommended to make a founders' online agreement at the incorporation stage.

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