Legal Notice

A formal warning in the form of a legally issued notice to a person or entity informing him that you’re about to undertake legal actions against him/her. 

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Legal Notice


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When someone wishes to take legal action, the first step needed to take is to send an official Notice to warn the offender of his/her intentions when a detailed condition was not complied upon as agreed, when the agreement was signed between both the parties. For example, a legal notice can be sent to a tenant for not paying the rent per the approved terms and conditions before shifting into the owner’s house. Hence, this grants the owner the right to send a legal notice to the tenant with the immediate effect of paying the dues before the specified date or vacate immediately.


      • Warning: A legal note guarantees that the offender is made aware of his/her duties to be performed and the outcomes of non-compliance.
      • Caveat: The lawbreaker is notified about the possible lawsuit and opportunity to rectify his/her mistake. 
      • Dispute Resolution: Both parties can resolve their dispute by negotiating within themselves.
      • Friendly Settlement: The process of the lawsuit is time-consuming, instead of which direct and friendly settlement makes things faster and simpler.


      • Authorized rights to the property are refused.
      • A Cheque bounce.
      • Personal conflicts, i.e., divorce, maintenance, and custody of children.
      • To produce a particular representation of the contract.
      • If the intellectual property of the legal owner has trespassed.
      • When employees of any company are directed to sexual harassment, cruelty, exploitation, and other labor law violations.
      • Illegal termination from employment.
      • Payment conflict within the company and its employees or workers.
      • Violation of contract by the signatory.
Legal Notice


      • A legal notice includes the necessary averment of the involved person.
      • The aggrieved individual will make his allegation on the person petitioned or recipient.
      • The aggrieved person will declare his solution to the conflict.
      • It includes the claim of the aggrieved person to solve the current issue.
      • It will identify the civil and penal outcomes if the rights and claims of the aggrieved person did not feel satisfied.

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Issues A Legal Notice

Once your request to file a legal notice will be received, our representative will get in touch to process your request. If we require more information from your side, we will contact you when needed. Later we receive all your details. Our legal experts and attorneys will prepare the legal Notice and send it across for your view just in 2- 4 business days.


Your initial payment includes two rounds of iterations. Accordingly, if you need any changes done to the legal Notice, our attorneys will do the needful and send it over to you for your opinion once again.


FAQS ON Legal Notice

Legal Notice is a legal form of lawful communication directed to a person or an entity, notifying any special legal proceedings against them. A Legal Notice advertises the information ensuring the receiving party is aware of the same and cannot express unawareness in the future at any Court-related instances.

As per the legal requirements, it is not compulsory to reply to a Legal Notice. But, not responding to a Legal Notice can add legal advantage to the sender if the case appears in the Courtroom. Therefore, it is highly advisable to answer a Legal Notice with the help of an expert advocate.

The key objective of drafting a Legal Notice is disseminating information and making the receiving individual or entity informed of specific developments. A Legal Notice also works as proof of communication in case of any Court trial of the same instance.

Based on the instances and the terms under which the Notice is drafted, the limitation period to register a reply to a Legal Notice varies from 15 to 45 days.

In a Legal Notice, all the data related to the particular happening or development can be written down appropriately. But, it is advisable to draft the Legal Notice by an expert advocate to avoid any legal complications regarding the same.

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