Legal Heir Certificate

Legal Heir certificate specifies the people mentioned in the certificate are the Legal Heirs of the deceased.

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Legal Heir Certificate

What is a Legal Heir Certificate?

A Legal Heir Certificate must be obtained to confirm the link between the heir and the dead when a family member dies suddenly. It’s a crucial document for collecting a deceased person’s assets, provident fund, pension, and other gratuity benefits, such as those provided by federal and state governments.
A Legal Heir Certificate is useful in India when the deceased did not name a nominee. In addition, legal certificates are required by banks and private firms when transferring deposits, balances, investments, and shares, among other things.

Purpose of A legal heir certificate

    • To ensure that the decedent’s property and assets are distributed to his heirs.
    • To make a claim on your insurance.
    • To authorize and process the family pension of a deceased employee.
    • For example, to receive government benefits such as a provident fund or a gratuity.
    • As a state or federal government employee, to receive the deceased’s salary arrears.
    • Appointments with sympathetic people to locate a job.

In general, when purchasing or registering property, the buyer should seek a legal heir certificate to verify the property’s ownership. There may be numerous legal heirs for an ancestral property, in which case all legal heirs must sign the deed of conveyance providing their permission to avoid any dispute.

Process for Legal Heir Certificate

Step 1

We put you in touch with knowledgeable attorneys.

Step 2

After the documentation has been verified, a registration appointment with the Registrar’s office is established.

Step 3

The attorneys file the application and assist you throughout the procedure.

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Who are Legal Heirs?

Under the laws of India, the following people are considered to be the Legal Heirs of a person and can obtain a Legal Heir Certificate in India:

    • Spouse
    • Son
    • Daughter
    • Mother
    • Father

Necessary Documents to get a Legal Heir Certificate:

As previously noted, some papers must be submitted to the application form. These are the ones.

    • Affidavit that has been notarized.
    • Applicant’s Proof of Identity
    • Original death certificate of the dead
    • Proof of the deceased’s address
    • All lawful heirs’ proof of birth and dates of birth
    • Letter from the dead employee’s government department requesting a Legal Heir Certificate from the DC office.
    • All legal heirs must provide proof of residency.

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FAQs on Legal Heir Certificate

The Legal Heir certificate issued by a government authority, via the revenue department. Whereas the succession certificate is granted by a court of law.
No, but It is prudent to apply within 6 months from the deceased person’s date of death. However, these are not grounds for rejection by the revenue department.
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