Joint Venture Agreement

Such an agreement is authorized compulsory, lays down the areas of interaction and divergence, and makes plans for profit-sharing and operations.

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Joint Venture Agreement

Importance of Joint Venture Agreement

A group of people or organizations files a JV (joint venture) agreement to venture into partnership over an experience or a project without changing their respective legal status. The Joint Development Agreement authorized binds both companies, and describes the scope of mutual effort, disparity, and promotes provisions for sharing the profits and active operations. Generally, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is created between the parties involved before getting into a joint development agreement.


Minimal Liability

A JV (joint venture) Agreement allows a business to work with a different entity while performing as an individual legal identity. Therefore, it is the least liability option for companies in which 100% of FDI (Foreign direct investment) has been employed.

Gateway To New Avenues

A Joint Venture Agreement permits you to access new markets and support. It secures that the risk is shared without any of the losses of operating as a single object.

Checklist For A Joint Venture Agreement

      • Two or more parties have the purpose of entering into a partnership or starting a venture.
      • All party invests in the experience moderately or as per agreement.
      • Accordingly, all party is appointed duties and rights concerning the organization.
      • The partnership or the investment is defined by the terms of the contract, including the share and period of agreement of each party. 


      • Management Committee
      • Composition of board of directors
      • Frequency of board meetings and their venue
      • General discussion and its venue
      • Composition of a majority for important decision at a board meeting
      • Suitable law
      • Shareholding patterns
      • Employment of funds in cash or kind
      • Change of control
      • Restriction/prohibition on assignment
      • Non-compete parameters
      • Jurisdiction for resolution of a dispute 
      • Termination criteria and notice.
      • Transfer of shares
      • Dividend policy
      • Confidentiality
      • Indemnity
      • Break of deadlock


      • All papers related to the venture agreement shall have the name of the joint venture.
      • All documents arranged by both of the member’s related incidents or projects reflect completing activities performed under the contract.
      • Copyrights (if any) granted to a member of the agreement by a different member to represent similar work.
      • Records that indemnify its members against claims, responsibilities, losses, costs, and investments sustained due to reusing the designs, drawings as part of a project or other plans under the venture.


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FAQs on Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture is an arrangement between two or more parties to carry on a business project or enterprise. The agreement authorizes the compromise reached by the business partners. Without a contract in place, joint venture parties risk business litigation if they fall out over any uncertainty about precisely what was agreed or how any disputes should be resolved.

A joint venture agreement can be made within individuals, partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and limited companies. The agreement can also be highly flexible as it can be made between a company and an individual or two individuals people or between two business firms.

You don't need to register a joint venture. Still, if you set up a separate legal entity, such as a company, you need to comply with the relevant rules on company setups and any HMRC registration requirements.

Either form of the joint venture (contractual or separate authorized entity) can be within any number of parties, but if there are more than two people to the joint venture agreement, there is an improved risk of words, and hence it is best to take specialist legal advice and get an entire agreement drawn up.

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