IEC Registration

IEC code registration is a mandatory requirement for carrying out a business of import or export of goods or services. IEC code is a 10-digit number allotted by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). IEC certification helps the registration owner in building a brand, unlocking the global market, and new business opportunities.

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IEC [Import/Export Code]


With the active upsurge in globalization now, the possibility of having a cross-border business is also increased. Furthermore, an IEC Registration also helps a person in unlocking the growth opportunities of the international industry. Every individual must grow his business globally by trading with the Import and Export business to get IEC registration.
Therefore, having an Import and Export Code (IEC) is one of the first and important requirements for growing and running a business globally. Furthermore, an IEC has several services annexed to it. One such advantage of an IEC Code is that it unlocks the international market and increases its growth.


10 digits code that an individual or a business needs to import or export goods or services is Import-Export Code(IEC). IFC code is valid for a lifetime or individual. Moreover, this code is assigned by the DGFT (Director-General of Foreign Trade), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. It
This indicates that there is no need for the IEC code holder to apply for its renewal. Hence, the company having IEC can perform all requirements concerning import-export and related issues.
Usually, 12-15 working days are required for the IEC code generation once all the necessary documents are offered and changes are made. Further, having an IEC is essential and compulsory for all commercial importers or exporters in India. Therefore, the business not having IEC is not able to undertake the kind of import and export.


The advantages of IEC Registration is discussed below:

    • Extension of Business: With the help of IEC registration, an individual can quickly and smoothly expand its reach in the global market. Moreover, an IEC provides an opportunity for the business to export goods outside India and build a name for itself in the global market.
    • Availing Several Advantages: Based on IEC registration, companies can enjoy and avail advantages given by the EPC (Export Promotion Council), DGFT, and Customs.
    • No Need to File Return: There is no requirement to file a return in IEC. Therefore, after the IEC Code’s allocation, there is no obligation to abide by any procedure for proving its legitimacy. In case of any event relating to export transactions, DGFT does not require the filing of any return.
    • Hassel-Free Processing: The method of obtaining IEC registration of the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade) is genuinely easy and effortless. Moreover, the same can be acquired within 10-15 working days from presenting the application. Further, no data relating to export or import is needed after obtaining IEC Code.
    • Free for Lifetime: Once an individual has taken their IEC, they can enjoy its validity till eternity since it is free for a lifetime, and there is no necessary to apply for any renewal.
    • Government Authorise: Import Export Code (IEC) acts as a state identification which the Director-General of Foreign Trade issues. Hence, at the time of purchase clearance, one can show this license number to the customs authorities.


The circumstances which mandatorily require IEC Registration is noted below:

  • When a merchant wants to clear his shipments from the customs authorizations, the customs police must follow this Code.
  • Whenever an importer gives money abroad by way of banks, then the banks require this Code.
  • If an exporter requires to send his lots abroad, this Code is required by the customs port.
  • Whenever an exporter gets money in foreign currency directly into his bank account, this Code is needed for the bank.
  • For getting Food Licensing and APEDA Licensing, having IE Code is a must.
  • Whenever an exporter needs to avail of some export payment, this Code is required by the export promotion council.

WHEN IS IEC code registration NOT REQUIRED?

IEC Registration is not needed in the following circumstances:

  • Import and Export of Goods and Services for personal use, i.e., the goods that are not related to the trade and manufacturing.
  • Import and Export of Goods and Services by the Government Ministries and departments.


The features of IEC Registration is explained below:

  • No business can satisfy with the activities concerning Import or Export without getting IEC registration.
  • IEC serves as confirmation for the firm implicated in the import or export of goods.
  • Once an individual has taken IEC, then the same remains valid for a lifetime. This suggests this Code does not need any filing or reissue.
  • IEC Registration is not required for imported or exported goods or services, both for individual or juridical purposes.
  • An IEC Registration is essential and necessary for making foreign bank transfers.
  • It is essential for all parts of importers or exporters business.


The exemptions under Import Export Code are as follows:

  • The individual engaged in importing and exporting goods for particular purposes rather than trade, manufacturing, and floriculture is exempted from getting IEC registration.
  • People who need to export or import goods from Nepal and Myanmar through China and Indo-Myanmar border zones with an eligible transfer that does not beat Rs. 25,000 in Indian cash does not require IEC Registration.
  • Exception from obtaining IEC registration will not be confirmed to export Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies. (SCOMET) as given in Appendix – 3, Schedule 2 of the ITC (HS).


The following listed are the required documents for getting IEC Registration for Sole Proprietorship Firm:

  • A copy of the proprietor’s Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, UID
  • A hard copy of Rent Agreement or Lease Deed, if in case the business is rented.
  • A copy of the sale deed, if in case the business is self-owned
  • Digital photograph (3*3) of the proprietor
  • A copy of the proprietor’s PAN Card

The following listed are the required documents for getting IEC Registration for Partnership Firm:

  • Managing partner’s Digital photograph(3*3)
  • Partnership Deed’s Copy
  • Managing Partner’s PAN Card copy
  • A copy of the Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, UID of the MD (Managing Partner) signing the document.
  • The sale Agreement’s copy only if a business is self-owned
  • Rent Agreement or Lease Deed’s copy if a company is rented.
  • A Cancelled cheque is showing the account number and the blueprinted name of the applicant entity or Bank certificate according to ANF (Application Form for Issue) 2A.

Here is the list of documents for obtaining IEC Registration by a Limited Liability Partnership and Company:

  • Company’s Director or LLP’s Digital photograph(3*3)
  • Applicant’s PAN Card copy
  • A copy of the Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, UID of the MD (Managing Partner), or the director signing the document.
  • The sale Agreement’s copy only if a business is self-owned
  • Rent Agreement or Lease Deed’s copy if a company is rented.
  • A Cancelled cheque is showing the account number and the blueprinted name of the applicant entity or Bank certificate according to ANF (Application Form for Issue) 2A.

Here is the list of documents for obtaining IEC Registration by a Trust and Registration:

  • Chief Executive or Managing Trustee the signatory applicant’s Digital photograph(3*3)
  • Society Registration Certificate
  • Trust Deed’s copy
  • A photocopy of Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, PAN card, UID of the Managing Trustee, or Chief Executive or the signatory applicant signing the document.
  • The sale Agreement’s copy only if a business is self-owned
  • Rent Agreement or Lease Deed’s copy if a company is rented.
  • A Cancelled cheque is showing the account number and the blueprinted name of the applicant entity or Bank certificate according to ANF (Application Form for Issue) 2A.

Here is the list of documents for obtaining by a HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) for getting IEC Registration:

  • Karta’s Digital photograph (3*3)
  • Karta’s PAN Card copy
  • A copy of the Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, UID of the Karta
  • The sale Agreement’s document only if a business is self-owned
  • Rent Agreement or Lease Deed’s copy if a company is rented.
  • A Cancelled cheque is showing the account number and the blueprinted name of the applicant entity or Bank certificate according to ANF (Application Form for Issue) 2A.


The step covered in the method of IEC Registration are noted below:

  • Application Preparation: An application is obliged to be made in the Aayaat Niryaat Form 2A form to the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in that sector company has built its registered office. Moreover, the government has also initiated an online filing ability for getting IEC Code Online.
  • Application Processing: Details concerning a firm and its proprietaries, co-workers or directors, bank certificate, and the details about bank account are the basic terms of Aayaat Niryaat Form 2A (ANF 2A). Additionally, all the documents needed for getting IEC need to be submitted with ANF 2A. Furthermore, DSC digital signature certificate is also required for the ANF 2A.
  • IEC fee payment: Once the application form for getting IEC is appropriately complete. Then it must file the same with the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Besides, the fee prescribed is needed to be paid to the state government. Moreover, the IEC staff has the power to send back the form submitted for change or modification. The Appellant is required to reply to the DGFT in 15 days. 
  • Issuance of Import Export Code: Once the application submitted is completely verified and analyzed by the IEC department, the DGFT will give an Import Export Code for its industry. This IE code arrives in both soft and hard copy. Even if the Appellant receives the softcopy through email, they can start the import-export business activities.


After the Tax regime’s implementation, the TaxIN (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number) would be used for the reliance flow of Inter-state Goods, and Service Tax (ITax) paid on imported products. But, PAN is an identifier at the substance or entity level of the limit. In contrast, TaxIN would be utilized as an identifier at the performance level for each import and export. Moreover, the Unique Identification Number (UIN) or Permanent Account Number (PAN) would be acknowledged as IEC. Furthermore, all the importers are obligated to state TaxIN in their solicitations, although IEC.

The modifications made after the execution of Tax Laws are as follows:

  • After completing Tax, the dealers must maintain their TaxIN at the time of import or export.
  • Would use TaxIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) for the reliance flow of the ITax on importing goods and the allowance or settlement of the ITax concerning the export of goods.
  • Obtaining IEC will not be required for all traders registered under Tax.
  • Exports or Imports made by the Ministries, Government of India Departments, Notified Charitable Institutions do not need Import Export Code.
  • IEC is not required for the goods imported or exported for personal use.

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FAQs for IEC Registration

IEC is the composition for Import Export Code, and it is compulsory for an individual who needs to start an Import or Export business over the country. Moreover, an IEC code is published by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). IEC Code is a 10-digit code that has lifetime validity.

The following listed are the documents needed for obtaining IEC Registration:

    1. Copy of PAN Card.
    2. Passport/Voter ID/Aadhar Card of the individual.
    3. Canceled cheque of the Current Bank Account.
    4. Copy of the Rent Agreement.
    5. Copy of the Utility Bill in the form of the electricity bill for premises.

The steps to change the IEC Code are mentioned below:

    1. Enter the PAN card details and search button, and then the system will prompt for the following.
    2. Company's Name, File Number, Date of Incorporation, and File Date
    3. The Name and Date of Birth will be verified and cross-checked from the CBDT PAN web server, and the File number and date will be authenticated from the DGFT-IEC application.
    4. The system will then dispatch the tokens, and OTP (One Time Password) is generated. The Applicant is then required to enter the OTP and press the button to proceed.

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) number of a company will be used to obtain IEC. The IEC is issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Further, PAN is different and distinct as it is alphanumeric. In contrast, IEC has 10-digits in numeric form.

Yes, a single individual or person can apply for IEC (Import Export Code) only when he has registered as a sole proprietorship business and has a registered Tax number.

The process of checking the status of the IEC Code is explained below:

    1. Visit the official website
    2. Now, click on Services and then opt for the icon IEC.
    3. Then click to view IEC status.
    4. Now, the Applicant is required to enter the details asked and then press the button to proceed.

A Branch Code in an IEC is the Code that is issued as per details filled in the Application Form while applying for Import Export Code. The Branch Code is essential only when a company has its branches or any other business place in India besides its primary location.

An IEC code is required to do Import and Export business from India. This Code is used for clearing goods from the customs authority.

No, a person is not qualified to import goods without IEC Code.

Import Export Code (IEC) is issued by the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India.

After filing an online application form, one can obtain his IEC registration. Further, once obtaining IEC is complete, the certificate is granted by the Director-General of Foreign Trade, which has lifetime validity.

A Draft Certificate is a new feature that provides advantages like one can modify progress without even deleting and reissuing the certificate and incrementally modifying progress over various multiple sessions.

Usually, it takes a time of 12 to 15 days.

No, obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is not compulsory for getting an IEC Code.

Anyone who is having a registered business, such as a Partnership Firm, Company, LLP, etc., and needs to engage in Import and Export business is qualified to apply for the IEC code.

Cancellation of an allotted IEC (Import Export Code) is only made possible by surrendering the same.

No, only one IEC is issued to a single person or entity. Hence, if anyone requires more than one IEC code, then the same world be surrendered to the Regional Office for Cancellation.

Yes, one can surrender his or her IEC Code. Further, for submitting an IEC code, one needs to inform the about such a decision issuing Authority. They shall immediately cancel the Applicant's IEC number after electronically transmitting it to the DGFT for onward delivery of the same Customs and Regional Authorities.

No, there is no intrusion of tax on the IEC code. However, Custom's Duty may be imposed. Further, the same also depends on the category of the products being imported or exported. Furthermore, to obtain more information, one should go on to the Customs Department's official website.

Suppose in the case of an individual has become IEC Certificate by following the new method of e-IEC online. In that case, they can download their certificate any time by just logging in into the IEC portal with the provided username details. However, if the said individual had taken an IEC by following the physical process, they must re-apply for the e-IEC with all the documents. After that, the DGFT will provide a new format online certificate to the concerned individual.

An IEC Code is not hand-delivered nor over the counter. This Code is actually delivered by speed post. Further, in the case of deficiency letters, the same is given at the IEC counter, commonly with the Request form and Documents to the allowed person or Applicant.

Yes, we will send you the Mail about the IEC code for the complete registration process is carried out online.

Yes, and the IEC number is displayed in all customs documents concerning exports and imports.

Only one IEC is issued to a single individual or entity

We can't do the Import and Export business without having a valid IEC. Further, the penalty imposed may entail paying heavy-duty depending upon the quantity of the goods.

Merchandise Exports from India Scheme stands for the (MEIS). Under this scheme, different rewards and incentives are provided to the exporters. Further, such incentives are offered to exporters at a designated rate. Furthermore, the incentives provided vary from product to product.

We provide services compared to IEC registration all over India. Moreover, we had already completed IEC registration for several clients in Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

An Import Export Code (IEC) is just a permit allowing the import and export of goods. Therefore, there is no requirement to file a Monthly Return under the IEC code.

Yes, an NRI can apply for getting IEC Code, as per the standard guided procedure. But, in some rare cases, approval from RBI or FIPB is also needed.

Any individual with a designated business, such as a Corporation, Partnership Firm, LLP, etc., and who requires joining in Import and Export's business, is eligible to apply for the IEC code.

IEC is the acronym form for the Import Export Code. This Code is required for everyone who needs to join the business of Import and Export. Though, import and export of particularly exempted do not want IEC Number.

The appointed government fee for applying IEC registration to Director General for Foreign Trade (DGFT) is Rs. 500. Further, the cost established for getting registration is paid online along with the request for IEC Registration.

Yes, giving PAN Card details is mandatory for obtaining IEC registration.

Often there is a misconception that separate IEC codes are required for import and export, but it is not the case. A company can use the same IEC code for both import and export. By obtaining a single Import and Export number, the company can conduct both these activities.

Since IEC is a one-time registration process, so it has validity for a lifetime. Therefore, there is no requirement to renew the IEC License. It has to be requested at the time of import/export or while paying or collecting the payments. There are no post-registration IEC agreements, so one is not required to file for IEC returns.

An IEC appellant can simply modify the application several times till it is submitted for processing. One requires to log in with the correct details as mobile, PANand email again.

Click on the link to implement with a digital signature given in the main IEC Application. Through, the Certifying Authority will originate a Minimum Type II Certification. The digital signature on the application should be of the Appellant only.

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