Fire Department NOC

A fire NOC is a document that must be obtained in order for a construction plan to be approved. The Fire Services Department, which the State Government oversees, can issue a Fire License. A Fire NOC guarantees that there are no/few possibilities of a fire breaking out in the structure.

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Overview of Fire NOC

The Indian Fire Department issues a NOC to protect fire prevention. After validating and inspecting the premise’s fire assistance and fire safety mechanism, the Fire NOC is granted. The procedure must adhere to all of the Bureau of Indian Rules’ fire safety standards and guidelines.

When the inspection is completed and the authority determines that the standards utilised are as expected, it provides a NOC for the Applicant’s building (commercial or residential). The NOC is issued by the state’s ‘Fire Service Department,’ which serves the same purpose. The criteria and methods for issuing fire NOC, on the other hand, varies from state to state.

What is the need to obtain a Fire License?

The following are some of the reasons why having a Fire NOC is necessary:

    • Obtaining a Fire License is necessary for those who wish to apply for a trade licence with the civic body in their particular state.
    • In India, the Fire Department specifies that a Fire NOC is obtained before engaging in any commerce or economic activity.
    • The Fire NOC ensures that all necessary safety safeguards and measures are in place to safeguard and protect individuals in the building from harm.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Fire Department NOC?

    1. Aids in the application for a trade licence: When applying for a trade licence with a civil body in a given state, a Fire Department NOC is required as an attachment.
    2. Assists in the conduct of any trade or business in India: Department of Fire NOC is one of the fire department’s mandatory prerequisites for engaging in any commerce or economic activity in India.
    3. Ensures Premises Safety Precautions: The Fire Department NOC verifies that the necessary safety safeguards are in place to protect the individuals within the building from harm.

What are the Documents needed to obtain a Fire NOC?

The following documents must accompany the application for a Fire Department NOC:

    • Id and Address Proof of the Applicant.
    • Photograph of the premises.
    • Completion certificate of electrical Wiring.
    • Sets of Building plan consisting of Building Layout Plan which includes a site plan, layout plan
    • Certificate of Building stability and Building model.
    • A certification by the Architect.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Fire NOC

Yes, in order to receive a Fire License in India, the applicant must obtain a Fire NOC (No Objection Certificate).

A certificate granted by the State Fire Service Department is known as a Fire NOC. The main purpose of this NOC is to certify that a structure is fire resistant and unlikely to have any fire-related incidents.

In India, practically every corporate entity is required to secure a Fire NOC by the government.

    • Class A - Fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper, or textiles.
    • Class B - Fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, or oils.
    • Class C - Fires involving gases.
    • Class D - Fires involving metals.
    • Class E - Fires involving live electrical apparatus.
    • Class F - Fires involving cooking oils such as in deep-fat fryers.
    • Provisional NOC.
    • Final-Occupancy NOC.

The Provisional No Objection Certificate certifies that new structures comply with fire safety regulations.

A Fire NOC (No Objection Certificate) is only valid for one year, and it must be renewed each year.

Occupancy NOC (No Objection Certificate) is a licence provided after the building has been completed. Furthermore, the Fire Inspector will only issue this licence after inspecting that all of the preliminary NOC compliances have been met.

The two primary benefits of obtaining a Fire NOC are to avoid any mishaps caused by a fire and to ensure the safety of both the organisation and its employees.

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