Digital Signature Certificate

A DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) approves and certifies the identification of a person. It leverages public key encryptions to create the signatures. An online digital signature certificate includes data about the user’s name, email address, pin code, country, and date of issuance. It gives the highest level of security and decreases cost and time.

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Digital Signature Certificate


A digital signature certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key issued by recognized Certifying Authorities (CAs) to validate the certificate holder’s identity. It contains an individual’s name, digital signature, document issuance and expiration dates, as well as the name of the CA.

The PKI process is used to create an online digital signature certificate, which involves the creation of two keys: a public key and a private key. The signer holds the private key, and the receiver needs public access to decrypt the user’s identifying information during data transfer. The user can keep the secret key as a token on a computer or hard disc and receive it along with his or her unique password.

During the transfer of information, both the browser and the server employ both keys to encrypt and decode data, allowing the user’s identity to be verified. Encrypted data is sent to the public entry. Even if one of the keys does not match, the authentication procedure fails. As a result, the encrypted data cannot be deciphered, making unwanted access unlikely. 

The following professionals need to have Digital Signing Certificate (DSC):

    • Directors
    • CA’s/Auditors
    • Company Secretary
    • Bank Officials
    • HOD’s & more


Apart from verifying the certificate holder’s identification, DSC helps in the following ways:

Time-Saving And Cost-Saving:

Online Digital Signature Certificates ensure a constant workflow in an organization by restricting the time and cost spent signing certificates and contracts. Documents can be signed by the essential persons with a click of a button. This is very useful when the signer is located in a separate area, and there is no mandate for him/her to be present.

Enhanced Security:

Added security features in DSC prevent unauthorized use of your certificate and data. No one can falsify your signature, tamper with the data or alter your certificate. DSC ensures your signature is confirmed, verified, and accepted.

Legal Validity:

According to the Information Technology Act, 2000, a DSC is trusted evidence in any court of law related to accepting any signed document.

Global Acceptance:

Apart from management bodies like Income Tax, Tax, MCA, etc., a DSC is accepted in all the countries as it gives greater security. An online digital signature certificate is essential for firms looking to take part in government tenders.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO GET Digital Signature Certificate

Indian Individuals Looking To Get DSC Must Submit:

    • ID proof: Passport/Driving license or any Photo Identity issued by the Govt
    • PAN card
    • Address proof: Registration Certificate/Driving license/Voter ID/Aadhaar Card
    • Attesting Officer proof

Indian Organizations Looking To Obtain DSC Must Submit:

    • List of Confirmed Signatories, which could be the list of Directors, Board resolution, etc.
    • Organizational PAN
    • Partnership deed, if applicable
    • Authorized Signatory ID proof
    • Tax certificate

For Indian firms, the documents may differ depending upon the entity’s nature, like Proprietorship, Partnership, or sole ownership, LLP, etc.

Foreign Individuals And Organizations Looking To GET DSC Must Submit:

    • Verified copy of applicant’s Passport
    • Verified copy of Visa, if the appellant is out of their native country
    • Verified copy of Resident Permit document, if the applicant is in India
    • Verified copy of any Govt-issued address proof

Foreign Attestation Procedure For DSC:

An authorization letter must be needed with the individual company seal and signature.

    • Apostilled by native place, after Public Notary (if a country is in Hague Convention). For example, Oman, Japan, Iceland, Austria, Ireland, Greece, etc.
    • Embassy of the native place (If an applicant is out of the native place)
    • Consularized by native place, after Public Notary (if a country is not in Hague Convention). For example, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, etc.

PROCEDURE FOR Digital Signature Certificate REGISTRATION

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Make a partial payment (Rs.499)

Submit your document

Get your Digital Signature Certificate

Note: After completing the process, you have to make the whole payment of the amount. 

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The DSC is a tool issued by certifying authorizations (TCS and n-Code are two of them) by which you can sign electric documents. As all documents required are electronic, partners need a DSC.

A licensed CA (Certifying Authority) issues the digital signature. Certifying Authority (CA) involves a person who has been given a license to publish a DSC under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000.

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Document confirms your identity electronically. Digital Signature Certificate also provides you with a high level of safety for your online activities by ensuring complete privacy of the information transferred using a DSC. You can digitally sign a statement to assure the recipient that it has not been changed in transit and verify your identity as the message's sender.

Yes, the Information Technology Act of 2000 establishes the legal validity of digital signatures in India.
of the registered office premises.

The verified Authorities are allowed to assign a Digital Signature Certificate with legality of 1 or 2 years.
all documents needed are electronic, partners need a DSC.

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