Court Marriage

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Court Marriage

Court Marriage

The Marriage Act of 1954 in India makes judicial marriages legal. According to the legislation, a court marriage can take place between a man and a woman who are over the age of 21 and 18, respectively. It doesn’t matter if the individuals are of Indian or foreign ancestry. Other requirements include neither party being in an existing marriage with another person and both parties being of sound mind.
A judicial marriage is devoid of rites and ceremonies, and it is straightforward. The Marriage Registrar performs the ceremony, and the parties are issued a marriage certificate confirming that their relationship is legitimate under the law.
Court weddings are becoming increasingly common in India, with many couples choosing for them. Court weddings are the favored option these days for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that couples want their marriage to be inexpensive and straightforward. Other factors include inter-caste marriages or marriages that the family does not sanction. Whatever the situation may be, judicial marriage is not straightforward; several procedures and expenditures are involved.

Steps for court marriage in India?

Notifying the Marriage Officer

The first step is to notify the district’s marriage officer of your plan to marry. You must do so by completing the court marriage application form, which may be found on the internet. You must submit the form to the district’s official, where either of you lives 30 days before the wedding day.

The Notice is being displayed.

The notification will be displayed in a conspicuous location at the district officer’s office for 30 days. Anyone can object to the marriage during this time if it is judged illegal under the Act and the eligibility standards. If no reasonable objections are raised, the official will execute the marriage without delay.

The Marriage Day

In the officer’s presence or at a site sufficiently close to the registrar’s office, the bride, groom, and three witnesses must sign a declaration form.

Certificate of Marriage

The marriage party and witnesses must sign the marriage certificate once all of the requirements have been fulfilled. It will take 15 to 30 days to complete.

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Documents required for the court marriage:


1) Both the bride and groom must sign the application form.

2) Both the bride and groom must provide confirmation of their dates of birth.

3) Proof of residential address.

4) The application form must be accompanied by a receipt of fees paid.

5) Two passport-sized photos of both

6) In the case of a divorcee, a copy of the divorce decree or order and a copy of the spouse’s death certificate in the case of a widow or widower.

7) Both the bride and groom must sign an affidavit. The following court marriage details must be included in the affidavit concerning the court marriage:

(i) Birthdate 

(ii) Marital Status (unmarried, divorced, or widowed)

(iii) A statement certifying that neither party is connected to the other in any way that is forbidden under the law.

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FAQs on Court Marriage Simplified

No, one cannot get married online, a visit to the marriage officer’s office. However, you can get all the forms online, fill them up and submit them to the marriage officer.
Although you will be getting married on your own consent in the presence of the marriage officer, you will need to have at least three witnesses at the ceremony.
Yes, the marriage officer gives a period of 30 days for anyone to object. However, the reasons should be logical and valid under Chapter II, Section 4 of the marriage act.
Yes, you do need to keep a signed copy of the marriage certificate as this document proves that you are legally married to your partner. It is the conclusive evidence of the Court Marriage.
If you or your partner are of the opposite sex and of legal age, you can marry anyone you want. However, the procedures are a bit different. Your lawyers will explain the process and formalities needed to marry a foreign national.
No, no notice is sent to the home of the bride or groom. Instead, a notice is placed at the Registrar’s office for 30 days.
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