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Proprietorship to Pvt Ltd Company

A sole proprietorship cannot receive all benefits of service as it grows. So, there will be a necessity to convert the proprietorship into a private limited company. The transformation of a proprietorship into a private limited company gives many benefits.

Partnership to LLP

Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company, A country like India gives you comprehensive business options. The Pvt ltd Company. Entrepreneurs nowadays will convert their partnerships to the various business forms to avoid the risk.

Private to Public Limited Company

Every private limited Company, at some point, requires to turn public to increase scalability. Public companies allow the benefit of Initial Public Offering (IPO). Here, the Company is offering its shares to the general public by going public.

Private to One Person Company

The conversion of an OPC- One Person Company into a Pvt ltd- Private Limited Company in Section 18 of the Companies Act, 2013. There are two methods of converting an OPC into a Pvt ltd, either willingly or mandatorily.

Compliance Check-Secretarial Audit

A secretarial Review is a way to check agreement under various laws and rules. An independent professional must handle it to ensure that the Company has complied with the legal and procedural requirements.

Due Digilence

A small business due to diligence can be a long, complex process. It involves investigating through a business's records, checking sources, ensuring everything checks out, and searching for items the business might have hidden.

RBI Compliance

Corporations and Individuals continuously face difficulties in complying with Central and state ordinances in various industrial sections. Due to globalization, the significance of FEMA/ RBI Compliance has expanded. It includes chartered Accountants Certification.

company name search

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Mandatory Annual Filings

Every Company registered under the Companies Act must file individual returns with the registrar of companies annually, whether Private Limited Company / OPC or Limited Liability Partnership is required to register their returns annually.


Goods and services tax is a value-added tax on goods and services sold for in-house consumption. It is paid to the government by the firms selling the goods and services, and consumers pay Tax on their purchases.

Changes In LLP

An LLP Agreement is a crucial document directing the operations, organization, and management of the LLP. In the little liability partnership agreement, a change is due to a switch in partners/ designated partners.

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