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For Company Registration in Malaysia, you need to get a work visa and the Certification of Incorporation, AoA Certificate, and open a bank account to start a company. We are an authorized entity to help business owners (Malaysians and non-Malaysians) in business Registration in Malaysia and conducting business legally in Malaysia.
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Malaysia Incorporation


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We discuss all your doubts about Company Registration in Malaysia.

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Company registration in Malaysia is quite a simple and easy process. One can do business Registration in Malaysia with international ownership. The company is recognized as Sendirian Berhad. Still, the government has registered only a few particular industries to work under an exclusive foreign license. Therefore, a foreigner can start a business in Malaysia by merging with a local company or registering a foreign company in Malaysia with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. Any applicant that requires to go for business registration in Malaysia has to assure to comply with the terms of section 14 of the Companies Act. If the criterion is satisfied by the business, then the register would consider it.


Some factors that make Malaysia the leading destination in the world for business owners are mentioned below.

    • Start-up costs in Malaysia are one of the lowest in the world.
    • Reduced rental rates.
    • Low Wages, i.e., regular wages, are $2.31 per hour.
    • If any interest is paid outside of Malaysia, there will be No Limiting Taxes by the state.
    • No limitations on Malaysian companies upon repatriation of capital, interests, dividends, and royalties.
    • Great incentives and rewards are given to inspire business development and capital investment by the government.


Shareholder and Directors – A minimum of 1 Shareholder and Directors are compulsorily required for filing a Company Registration in Malaysia.

Company Secretary – A company needs to appoint a company secretary who is a member of the expert body by the Minister of Domestic Trade Cooperative and Consumerism and should be licensed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Principal place of residence – The proposed director and company secretary in a Malaysian company shall have their principal or only place of residence within Malaysia.


1. Application for the company’s name – Select a proper name for the company and then check its availability. To check company name availability, one needs to refer to the Government Gazette, which instructs the name and application of a company name.

The Steps Involved In Registering A Name Availability Form Are:

2.Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association have to be submitted to SSM. The Inland Revenue Board attaches the official stamp. The MoA & AoA should have details of directors and company secretaries. The shareholder of the company’s shares are also asked to sign the MoA & AoA in the appearance of a witness.

3. The director or promoter must present a declaration affirming of not insolvent and has no criminal background.

4. The Cs should approve the Declaration of Compliance, saying that all the Companies Act conditions have been adhered to.

5.Identification proof of directors.

6. Company name approval letter from SSM.

After yielding the procedure and submitting the duly completed Documents with the prescribed fee, the SSM issues a Certificate of Corporation. Then, the organization shall get permission from the concerned authority before beginning the business activity mentioned in MoA.

Note: All the documents are required to be either in Malay or English Language.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Malaysia

Both online and brick-and-mortar businesses must be registered with the SSM. You will require to submit a completed Business Registration Form (Form A). You will also require proof of your identification card (or passport for immigrants) and make the assured payment. The Malaysia company registration documents you will be required to prepare to include:

  • The proposed name(s) of your company
  • Main business activities
  • Copy passport or identification card of all directors and shareholders
  • Proof of current living address
  • Minimum paid-up capital information
  • Percentage of shareholding for each sharer involved


Besides the incorporation certificates listed above, Malaysia company incorporation terms include:

  • Should have at least one contributor to the company’s shares (Section 14 CA)
  • Should have a minimum of one local director (Section 122)
  • Should have at least one CS (Company Secretary) in Malaysia.

FAQs on Company Registration in Malaysia

No, it's not necessary, we can give the incorporation services while you are in your home country.

One director, who may also act as the company's sole shareholder, must incorporate an Sdn Bhd.

Yes, you can. But, there is a holding time of 2 years before a new entity can re-use the current Sdn Bhd name.

Yes, an individual can apply for the incorporation of a local company in Malaysia. However, any form of professional can also apply for the status of incorporation of a company in Malaysia.

Yes, it is needed to establish a company address representing the organization.

The minimum share capital for corporations in Malaysia is established under the legal entity representing the business; for example, the private limited company needs a minimum share capital of RM 400,000.

The Malaysian legislation conditions that organizations should get special permits and licenses by the business operations they carry out.

You will appoint auditors from a list of auditors appreciated by the SSM. You will require to supply the shareholders with the audited accounts before the AGM. A private company is not obligated to present the audited statements at an AGM, but a public company must. Make an annual report to the SSM. The new Companies Act 2016 claims that the annual returns are made within 30 days of the anniversary of incorporation.

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