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Establishing a company in India takes 15 to 30 days. It depends on whether you prefer a Company Name Search and a company Brand Name. Every company structure in India arises from different qualities and is beneficial for various business activities. Therefore, the first thing you do is a plan and discuss your business requirements with our experts and end your suitable structure of a business.

Company Name Search

Company Name Search

Free search allows you to find against 100 thousand registered substances operating. You should keep that in your mind that you don't copy the already existing firm name in your field. There is already You mustn't copy the name of an existing organization in your field. There are already 2.3 million companies, 4.2 million domain names, and 2 million businesses.

Company Brand Name

The brand name is one of the brand elements that assist customers in identifying and differentiating one product. In some cases, the company name is used for all goods (General Electric, LG). Brands are intangible, which implies you can't touch or see them. It can easily be marked, and its object can be stored and triggered in the mind instantly.

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Business Registration

Business registration is a listing of organizations in the jurisdiction they operate under the Companies Act. The business registration process and services vary depending upon the type of business to be registered.


After starting a company, incorporating, or establishing an LLC, a business license may be required. There are multiple registrations, licenses, and certifications are required to maintain a business.

International Business Setups Registration

The International Business Setups Registration is done in many offshore jurisdictions. For registration of international business companies, an MOA and AOA must be filed with the Registrar of Companies.

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