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You must first do a comprehensive name search in order to register your company entity and avoid infringement lawsuits. To ensure that your selected monikers are available, you must run name searches across various databases, including your state's corporate entity database and the federal trademark system. Alternatively, you may join up for Launch by Legaltoast and have a name check done for you by a provider lawyer. You'll know if the search was completed successfully and if you're ready to go.

Company Name Search

company name search

Company Name Search

You're looking for a catchy name. Legaltoast now makes it simple to determine your company's availability. We recommend that you conduct a quick name search and select a simple name for your business. It should be simple to say and relevant to your industry. Also, if you need to register your firm or comply with other regulations, please provide us with your information.

Company Brand Name

You're on the lookout for a catchy moniker. Legaltoast makes it simple to check the availability of your brand name. We recommend that you look for and select a catchy title for your brand. It should be easy to suggest and appropriate to your brand. Furthermore, if you need to register your brand or comply with any regulations, please provide us with your information.

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Business Registration

Business registration is a listing of organizations in the jurisdiction they operate under the Companies Act. The business registration process and services vary depending upon the type of business to be registered.


After starting a company, incorporating, or establishing an LLC, a business license may be required. There are multiple registrations, licenses, and certifications are required to maintain a business.

International Business Setups Registration

The International Business Setups Registration is done in many offshore jurisdictions. For registration of international business companies, an MOA and AOA must be filed with the Registrar of Companies.

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