Change in Registered Address

For changing the registered office address to another state, you need to pass a board resolution, place an advertisement in a newspaper, and inform the Government accordingly. A simple notice to the concerned registrar is enough in case you are changing the address within your city.

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Change In Registered Address

Change in Registered Address

The company’s registered office or LLP is the principal place of business, and all official correspondence from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is sent to the mentioned location. The registered office address can be changed within the local limits of the city, town or village by simply giving notice to the concerned registrar within 30 days from the date of the change. If, however, you are moving the registered office to another state, a special resolution needs to be passed, and an advertisement needs to be placed in a newspaper before notice is given to the government.

With legaltoast, you can change in registered address in the following way–

3 Working Days

If you’re moving to the office to another state, we will draft the resolution for you and inform you of the procedure before you can inform the state government of the change.

4 Working Days

Within 30 days, you must inform the MCA by submitting the necessary forms that you have changed the Office address of the business.


Documents needed to Change in Registered Address

      • List of company directors.
      • List of shareholders.
      • List of creditors duly certified by the auditors of the company
      • Copy of public notice published
      • Copy of certificate of incorporation, MoA & AoA;
      • Latest audited financial statement of the company,
      • Rent agreement in the name of the company under the new address,
      • Utility bill as proof of premises. 
      • A NOC certificate from the owner of premises.

Process to Change in Registered Address

Step 1

We address all your queries about changes in the registered address.

Step 2

Our experts draft the resolution for you and submit it to the Registrar of Companies for change in regsitered address.

Step 3

Once, Registrar approves, we submit it to the MCA.

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FAQs on Change In Registered Address

    • Proof of address of the company’s registered office
    • NOC from the new owner
    • Property ownership documents of the new property
    • Electricity bill, water bill, lease agreement(in case a new premise is rented)

The three common circumstances under which a company changes its registered company office is as follows:

    • Change Of Company Registered Office within the same village or city
    • Change Of Company Registered Office within the same state
    • Change Of Company Registered Office from one state to another
No, companies that are relocating to another location in the same village, town or city limits do not need the permission of their shareholders or any other authorities. However, to do so, they must notify the Registrar of Companies of the changes, via the e-Form INC-22.
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