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About Legaltoast?

The Legaltoast provides online business compliance services like business filing to concentrate on expanding your business. Legaltoast offers all of the services needed to start and run a business legally. An online platform brings the best legal professionals to your desk.

We’re a tech-driven platform that caters to the legal requirements of both startups and established enterprises. Incorporation, government registrations and filings, bookkeeping, paperwork, and yearly compliances are just a few of the services we provide. Furthermore, we provide a variety of services to people, such as property agreements and tax filings. Our goal is to give people and companies one-stop shopping for all of their legal and professional requirements.


The convenient & smart way to get legal work done!

Legal competence is required at every stage of a business’s operation to ensure that it runs properly. To manage business legalities, consider Legaltoast as your online legal solution partner. We can assist you with all of your legal needs, from business registration to tax filings and even intellectual property registration.


  • Business Registrations
  • Accounting & Tax
  • Govt Licenses & Registrations
  • Mandatory & Labour Compliances
  • Property & Personal


Private Limited Company is the easiest and an accepted form of Business Registration in India. The ability to raise equity funds, Limited liability protection to shareholders, separate legal entity state execute it the most prescribed type of company entity.



LLP registration method is a transparent method as it has the benefits of the limited liability feature of a Company and the compliance of a Partnership Firm. LLP Listing resulted in simple form and easy support. It helps owners also to limit their liabilities.

One Person Company

OPC in India is one of the most accessible forms of corporate entities to manage. It has fewer compliance terms than a private company. OPC Registration starts a new business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want the benefits of LLP.

Limited Liability

A partnership firm is owned and regulated by an Association of People for profit. Partnership firms are almost easy to start and familiar with amontax MSME businesses. Partnership firms are created by inducing a Partnership deed amontax the Partners.

Accounting and


Accounting is the process where a record of income and expenses is kept. Book-Keeping is where financial transactions are held, such as balance sheets and income statements. Every business entity requires to keep a proper record of its financial transactions.



Based on total sales, total returns, Output Tax and Input Tax, the specialists calculate the Tax tax liability that an individual is obliged to pay to the Government. Therefore, it will be required to get Tax listed only for traders, manufacturers, individuals, etc.

TDS Return


TDS Return is required to be listed by any person responsible for deducting tax at the source. A TDS Return is a quarterly statement that has to be offered to the Income Tax Department of India. Submitting TDS Return is compulsory if you are a deductor.


Individual Income
Tax Filing


An income tax return is a method where taxpayers have to report their taxable incomes from all sources and tax payments if any. It is called ITR Filing Procedure. Cases, where more taxes have been paid already are TDS or Advance tax paid by you.



Trademark(TM) registration in India is desirable to protect your brand’s primary reasons for online brand registration because TM protects your brand and goodwill; they give uniqueness to your brand.TM are valuable assets, and it keeps appreciating over time.



FSSAI Registration or License is qualified for protecting and improving public health within the organization and administration of food safety. FSSAI certification is a 14-digit registration number. This license number gives data about the producer’s permit and the assembling state.



ISO certification helps develop your business credibility and the overall efficiency of the business to sustain itself in the market. Any company that wants to become ISO certified must complete a quality system that meets ISO standards.



Copyright is a legal name used to define the rights of creators. These are the owner’s rights and his alone. Except freely provided up through permits, no one can violate them legally. It indicates that no one can perform a piece recorded by the owner

annual filings
Pvt ltd company


Every Company registered in India, including private limited, limited Company, must file annual records with ROC every year. The annual return would also reveal the shareholding structure of the Company and details of transfers of securities.

annual filings
LLP company


LLPs are separate legal entities; hence, it can keep a proper book of accounts. LLP Form 11, Form 8 & Income tax return are the main compliances. Form 11 is a statement of annual return, and Form 8 is a statement of accounts.

due digilence
of company


due digilence generally conduct by investors to check for regulatory and process compliance the Company regularly. It is conducted before any business sale, private equity investment, bank loan funding, etc.



Employees’ Provident Fund Organization regulates PF. PF registration is applicable for all corporation which employs 20 or more persons. The employee can only withdraw PF contributions at the time of retirement.



The Registration Act, 1908 governs property registration in India. The registration process involves making a stamp duty and paying the requisite registration fee for the sale deed. The documents are then legally registered with the sub-registrar of your area.



Section 31 of the RERA Act allows a homebuyer, real estate promoter, and real estate agent to complain with the Authority. The buyer-centric Act seeks to make transactions between buyers and builders more transparent, smooth, and honest.



The fundamental rights which every consumer has and is also statutorily provided by Consumer Protection, The right to be preserved against unfair trade practices, informed about the products or services, assured that the products or services are of desired quality.

Public Interest
Litigation [PIL]


PIL has not been defined in any Indian law. But, Courts have described and defined PIL, which means a legal action started in a court of law to require public/general interest where the public or a particular class of the public some interest that affects their legal rights.

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FAQS ON business compliance services

In the event that you file your tax return electronically, you may be entitled for a refund. Your return may be eligible for a tax credit for excess TDS paid as well as for a tax refund if you decide to file your return electronically.

Legaltoast provides complete data security. Furthermore, Legaltoast does not share any of its data with unaffiliated third-party organizations.

Anyone earning more than Rs 2.5 lakh per year is required to file an ITR. The usual exemption limit for people aged 60 and up is Rs 3 lakh, but the maximum for super senior citizens is Rs 5

ELSS, PPF, NSC investments, and payments such as home loan repayments, insurance premiums, and contributions can be deducted from your income tax return.

You must file a tax return whenever your annual income exceeds Rs 2.5 lakh. If you deduct TDS, you do not need to file an ITR. You should include data about your income, claim deductions, and claim credit for TDS deducted by your employer on your ITR.

You may access your Form 26AS using your e-filing login. legaltoast's e-filing software automatically populates the TDS information from your Form 26AS in your income tax return.

GST filing software from Legaltoast ensures correct GST filing, reconciliation, and ITC claims. The creation of e-invoices and e-way bills is made easier with legaltoast GST.

After you file your ITR, you have 120 days to use e-verification. To validate your e-mail address online, you can use your net banking account or an Aadhaar-based OTP. If ITRs are not e-verified, they may be invalidated.


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